Physical Therapy

  • 2 Exercises for your Feet

    Summer and high temps here in Arizona mean one thing for our feet...flip flops.  We know they aren't the best option to provide support for our feet and posture but they continue to be our go to footware for the hot months.

    Here are two exercises that can be performed daily to not only keep your tootsies happy, but will help support muscle health in your legs, help improve posture and keep weigh distributing evenly and correcly through the foot.


    Click here to learn more about these great exercises!



  • 4th of July

    Hope your holiday weekend has been filled with family and friends, BBQs, pool parties and fun.  We are all so lucky to live in America, the land of the free and to celebrate this great countries 240 years of Independence!  Let Freedom Ring!  Please remember AZ Sportscenter is closed today to honor this holiday.   See you all tomorrow!

  • Arthritis Prevalence

    Struggling with Arthritis?  You are not alone. We know that 1 in 5 Americans is in the same boat.  This study was published in May 2016, but dives in to doctor diagnosed cases of Arthristis in 2014. The study breaks down a new CDC report that drills down to very local level to map out which US States and counties suffer from the greatest rates of arthritis incidence. 

    Remember, if you are suffering from arthritis symptoms, physical activity reduces joint pain and can be accomplished by walking, biking, swimming and other low-impact activities


    Click here to read more about the CDCs latest findings.

  • Compression Socks for Runners - Effective or Fashion Trend?

    These days compression clothing, especially compression socks are all the rage with runners.   Whether it is a fashionable, colorful statement accecory or an actual functional, effective runner's tool is up for debate.

    PhysioSpot did some research on the topic and here is what they think!


    Click here to read the article!

  • Happy Memorial Day

    Today is not just a wonderful day to enjoy a long weekend with family and friends.   It is a day to remember all of those who payed the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our country.  Thank you to all our fallen solider, their family and loved ones who miss them dearly, and the brave men and women who continue to fight for our freedom!

  • Meniscus Tear - Is surgery always necessary?

    Are you or someone you know dealing with a torn Meniscus.   Making the choice to jump into surgery is not always easy.   We found a great article that describes the what and how of Meniscus tears and options you have to deal with them. 


    Click here to read about Dr. Howard Luks input on going under the knife.

  • Running and Pilates

    Do you love running and are looking for the perfect cross training activity.  Pilates is for you!  Pilates, which focuses on a balance of core strength and flexibility, pairs perfectly with logging those miles.


    Click here to read more about the ways runners can benefit from Pilates!

  • Sugar: Its Many Disguses

    As we gear up for the holiday weekend, our calendars are filling up quickly with end of school year parties, pool parties, BBQs and summer vacations.   All of these fun summer celebrations often revolve around delicious food and sweet treats.   Think you are doing enough by passing on that strawberry shortcake or patriodically themed cupcake?  Think again!   We found a great article on the Harvard Health Blog that dicusses all the sneaky places sugar is hiding in our diet.  


     Click here to read about hidden sugar in your diet!

  • Where Pilates and Physical Therapy Meet


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    We found a great interview with Dr. Brent Anderson about where the world of Physical Therapy and Pilates meet.  The article gives wonderful insight to Pilates roots in rehabilitation. 


    Click here to read the full article!


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