AZ SportsCenter Physical Therapy & Pilates is known for patient centered care. We measure our success by the lives we change and the community we serve.


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AZ SportsCenter Physical Therapy & Pilates

What Sets Us Apart

At AZ SportsCenter we help people in Chandler and the East Valley to stay active, fit and lead more healthy lifestyles from young gymnasts to those who have had a knee replacement. We offer an innovative whole body approach to Physical Therapy and Pilates.  Our passion, expertise, and experience ensure that we are giving the highest quality of care to every person that walks through our doors.


We work 1-on-1 with you to correct movement impairments and restore normal, pain-free function. We are constantly assessing and reassessing during each treatment session to be sure we are utilizing the best manual therapies and prescribing the correct therapeutic exercises to get you back to fully functioning as soon as possible.


Our goal is to not only relieve pain and correct movement impairments, but also to provide education to prevent future injury. We understand the frustration and difficulty that accompanies pain. Our goal is to help you function as your best self and help you achieve your goals.



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